Joomla Tutorial – Managing Articles

In this tutorial, I am going to show users how to manage their articles in Joomla. This tutorial will show you how to remove articles from the front page, add articles to the front page, publish articles, and unpublish articles. You will need to login as the administrator to get started with this Joomla tutorial.
Next, you will need to open your article manager. To go this, you will need to place your mouse on the Content tab at the top of your page. Then wait for the menu to open and click the Article Manager link. That will load your article manager page and from here, you can do the things mentioned above.

Publishing Your Articles in Joomla

Let’s begin with publishing articles in Joomla. If you created an article and decided to wait until later to publish it, follow these steps to publish it. Look for the article and check the box next to it. Go to the top of your menu and click the Publish icon. The article will then be published. You can also click the red X beside the article to publish it.

Unpublishing Articles in Joomla

To unpublish an article in Joomla, you will need to check the box next to the article you want to unpublish and click the Unpublish button in your top menu. You also have the option of clicking the green checkmark beside the article and that will unpublish it.

Removing Articles from the Frontpage of Joomla

If you have articles on the frontpage of Joomla that you want to remove, follow these steps. In the article list, find the article you want to remove from the frontpage. Look for the Frontpage column and click the Green Checkmark to remove the article from the frontpage of Joomla.

Adding Articles to the Frontpage of Joomla

If you want to add articles to the frontpage of Joomla, you will need to do the opposite of removing the articles. Look in the Frontpage column and click the Red X to place the article on the frontpage.